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“As you grow up, you form a mental image of who you are based on your personal and cultural conditioning. We may call this phantom self the ‘ego’. It consists of mind activity and can only be kept going through constant thinking. The term ego means different things to different people, but when I use it here it means a false self, created by unconscious identification with the mind.” - Eckhart Tolle

The Outloud video is symbolic of the relationship we have with our inner thoughts. Based on 'The Power of Now' written by Eckhart Tolle's concept of the 'negative thinker'. Examining the practice of separating 'our' thoughts from the 'ego' or the 'negative thinker'. Gaining power over the 'negative thinker' is the concept for the Outloud video. The goal was to make this concept come to life in one shot. Both halves of the footage were shot in one shot. 

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