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Artist Manifesto

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ARTIST MANIFESTO 1. Visually illusive. 2. The visual concept should have an air of limitlessness “out of this reality” realities. Play on the understanding of reality, but use imagination and visual intention. 3. Objects that fit into the realm of fantasy, and distorting life's bleak tones and inserting objects that prove to have a feeling of visual interest, with an emotional investment (Nostalgia). 4. Conceptually break traditional boundaries of the “norm”. 5. A feeling of being slightly twisted and questionably or obviously inappropriate or taboo. 6. The tone of the concept should be conveyed in either an extremely obvious way or in a metaphorical way. 7. It can often include hidden messages. 8. Unrealistic realism. 9. Be brave with color.  10. When in doubt use a monochromatic color palette. 11. Visually strong or bold imagery. 12. Don’t blend in. 13. “Live in a world of what the hells”. 14. “Art is anything you can get away with”. 15. Lyrical interpretations are important. When stuck listen to music and use lyrics to create visual concepts. 16. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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